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System Change instead of Climate Change!

Today, 12 nov, was the big day of the march against climate change . A great diversity of people had gathered on the Dam, the main square in Amsterdam and in the streets and alleys around, The weather goddess was on our site and she even let the sun shine. Lots of nice music bands cheered us on the way and as a long snake we meandered through the streets of Amsterdam. I participated because nature is a good mother and should not be destroyed. I try to protect her and to convince other people to do the same. . We must quit capitalism what has become apocalypsm. Capitalism depends on growth at the expense of the other humans, animals and nature. Instead, we must take care of each other and of the nature because nature feeds us. Ecocentrism instead of egocentrism. For us, disabled community, it is easy to accept this new mindset because we cannot compete in capitalism but can participate and contribute on equal foot only in a non-liberal society. As you can see, our need to be human, is another important reason to transform into a mutual caring society without exploiting each other or mother earth.

What do we want? System Change instead of Climate Change! (c) thiandi grooff 12-11-2

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